If My Cats Could Talk

(A tribute to/riff on If My Dog Could Talk from small victories) Cat: WAT DOING Me: Nothing. I just stood up. Cat: KITCHEN YAY Me: Yes, I’m literally walking just six feet away into the — Cat: FOOD YAY Me: I just fed you ten minutes ago. Cat: HUNGRY Me: That’s too bad, I — […]

Peep Nation

I got in an obsessive conversation with some friends about Marshmallow Peeps, that confection that only seems to appear around Eastertime. Around that same time, a recipe for making homemade peeps appeared in the magazine Martha Stewart Living. This is a very Martha thing — waste a lot of time and energy doing something homemade that you can buy in the store for less than a buck. But I am insane, so I tried it.

Tin Roof

We fixed the barn, then it rained, and I wrote about it. I’ve been doing a lot of this sort of meaningless painting with words recently.

The Battle of the Bathtub Drain

When read in conjunction with the sewer story, below, you may wonder just what insult I gave to the god of plumbing in a previous life. I get about two emails a month from folks who tell me they googled drain unclogging solutions and found this page AND IT WORKED.

Top Ten HTML Extensions that Didn’t Make it Into Netscape 0.9

Yes, that says .9. I wrote this way back in 1994 when .9 was released. Later I found out that the <hype> tag was actually added to Netscape as a joke (although it doesn’t appear to work any more, alas).

If after reading all the bits in this section it seems like I was picking on Netscape, well, that’s because I was. It was a minor hobby at the time. Now they’re owned by AOL and there’s just no fun in that.

Why Startups Aren’t Gothic

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I was a goth, and I hung out on the newsgroup alt.gothic. One of the ongoing irritations on that group was the perennial question, “is X gothic.” A friend of mine asked, “Are startups gothic,” and this was my reply. I wrote it just before I quit my job and ran screaming from the misery and pain it was causing me.

This piece also explains why there is nothing here for 1993.