hope is emo

Hope is Emo

The podcast stories of an angsty teenager. “Gym class is SO STUPID. The running and the changing in the locker room and its all CRAP. How big is my cup size, does it matter? How big is my SOUL??”

These videos are done by the same people who do Ask A Ninja. You probably don’t want to watch all of them at once because they get kind of tedious, but they’re fun in short doses. I relate.

coyote update

It’s been raining a lot since I wrote about the coyotes that were menacing us. Since the rain started: not a coyote to be seen.

If I had known they were water soluble I would have turned the hose on them.

To ward off the coyotes Eric has invested in a paintball gun. But not any paint ball gun, oh no. This is the Splatmatic ThunderSplat paintball shotgun. After I typed that I stared at the screen for a while and realized that there’s really nothing more I can say that would make that any more funny than it already is. Should we see any more coyotes, and we get a chance to use the Splatmatic ThunderSplat paintball shotgun (see? just plain funny), I will check back.

Oh I did forget to post last time my video of the coyote staring at me on the lawn. (youtube link)

Update: I apologize for the random misplaced squid I put in this post (now removed).

buncha random videos for fall

Still more to-be-blogged list cleanout. I used linked images here rather than YouTube embeds because embeds don’t work right in feeds.

Battle of the Bands


This ultraviolent but insanely brilliant vid by Ugly Pictures and Man vs. Magnet went around a few months ago. If you didn’t see it then you should go see it now. I particularly like the Dead Kennedys/Van Halen logo battle.

Laptop Battery Fire


PC Pitstop intentionally sets up conditions where a laptop battery overheats and blows up. This is one of these videos which is mostly fun to watch because of all the manic giggling in the background.

Women – Know your limits!


Originally a comedy sketch from a BBC show called Harry Enfield and Chums. Just realistic enough to be scary. I got the original link from Shelley Powers (although her video link was on this site).

Microsoft WSYP Program


“We believe that if our customers are experiencing pain, Microsoft employees should share the pain with them. This is where We Share Your Pain or WE-SYP comes in.” Starts slow. Gets better. This was an actual Microsoft video from a MS TechNet event in Europe.

The Perfect Car for Women


I would buy that.

Zefrank: How to hire a Web Developer


I am late on the Zefrank bandwagon. It’ll take me a while to catch up on the ENTIRE YEAR of video postings from The Show but this bit on hiring web developers is really funny (warning, slightly adult content). See also the Thanksgiving episode which is brill.

Mythbusters Outtakes


I could watch this over and over and over again and laugh and laugh and laugh.

Various Cat Videos

The point of the internet, of course, is to enable cute cat video.

  • Marcus vs the HP Deskjet
    . Printer loses. Spawned an entire genre on YouTube of “cat attacks printer” video.
  • Sleepy Kitten. I practically died of cuteness watching this.
  • Kitten iPod Nano Commercial. “1 song. Impossibly Small.” Cute.
  • Kitty Cat Dance: This is really bent. I first saw this video like six months ago and thought “wow, that’s kind of dumb.” And then it would NOT GET OUT OF MY HEAD. I pass it on here so that I do not have to suffer alone.

a thousand papercuts, dipped in lemon juice

This is what I wish for trackback spammers.

For the first fifteen months of this blog’s existence I got no trackback spam at all. Then over the last month or so its been steadily increasing. At first it was just two or three a day. I can de-spam those by hand. For the last couple of weeks its been a regular 17 spams overnight which I deal with first thing in the morning. Tedious, annoying, but workable.

Then this afternoon they got me with about 350 all at once. Cleaning all that up took a lot of time and a lot of bad words.

Trackbacks should be moderated here by MT-blacklist like comment spam is. I’m pretty good at tuning my blacklist filter and it works great for comments. But for reasons I don’t understand MT-Blackist is falling completely on the floor with trackback. This really stinks.

Trackback isn’t all that popular on this site so I’m just going to turn it off.


good commercials on youtube & google video

I have a TiVo mostly so that I can record TV and skip the commercials. If I am forced to watch live TV? I pause it and go do something else for 20 minutes so I can be behind the buffer and thus skip the commercials. There’s nothing more annoying than being caught up to live TV on the tivo and being forced to actually….watch….arggghh.

So yes there is a great irony here that I avoid commercials on TV and then seek them out on the internets.

Fedex Caveman: “But Fedex…doesn’t exist yet!” This is so anachronistic and so goofy. I like the part where the caveman kicks the small dinosaur at the end.

IBM/Linux: boy is this ad manipulative. I love it madly. IBM consistently seems to do great ads ( I still make jokes about “would you like the spinning logo, or the flaming logo” from the ebusiness ads from like eight years ago.)

Un-Pimp Your Ride I, II and III. The new VW Golf ads. These ads crack me the hell up every single time. EVERY SINGLE TIME. “Representing Deutschland, yo.” AHAHA.