too many words by laura lemay

zombie pharma attack

Over the last few days my site has been under attack from zombies. Pharmaceutical zombies. Its yet another one of those incredibly irritating referrer attacks, except most of the time when I get one of those its only one or two referrers and they’re all coming from one IP. A couple hundred hits, I block them, they go away. This time: hundreds and hundreds of referrers, all for different drugs (viagra, vicodin, cialis, levitra, xanax). And all of them are coming from different IP addresses all over the world. Zombies. Its thousands and thousands of hits a day.

I’m dropping keywords into my block list all the time (fioricet. alprazolam. hydrocodone. phentermine. ambien.) but new ones are popping up every day. If you are a real human and you happen to be reading this from some legitimate pharmaceutical site, I’m sorry: you’re collateral damage.

This is really @*(#*@& annoying.