wish me luck

Tomorrow I am riding the Cinderella, a huge women-only metric century bicycle ride in the East Bay. As I’ve mentioned before but I’ll do it again just in case, a metric century is 100 kilometers or 65 miles.

I had trained up to a metric century last year (the Sequoia, in Palo Alto), but then on the ride itself I hurt my knee really badly and had to bail after only 50 miles. This year I’ve done a few longer rides including the 50 miles last weekend, but I’ve never done 65 miles. I’m kind of nervous about it. There are a lot of rest stops so I should be OK for food, and from what I hear its mostly flat so I probably won’t blow out my knees this time, but that’s still a long distance. I hope I’ll be OK (anxious).

I was trying to take it easy this week at the gym so I wouldn’t hurt myself before the ride. And then I went for a really long hike yesterday and blistered up my feet something fierce. dumbass. I should have just stayed in bed.

5 thoughts on “wish me luck

  1. Hope it went well. I rememher when I used to do insane stuff like that, through the rolling hills of the Finger Lakes, no less. Nowadays, the thought of sitting on something so vulgar as a bicycle seat for five hours fills me with ennui even if I had enough strength to pump my legs for that long.

  2. Just a pedantic note:

    100km = 62.14 miles

    So hey, it’s 2.86 miles shorter than you were expecting. Hope it went all right.

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