too many words by laura lemay


Really long and slow but very noticeable earthquake just now. big time wiggle. Looking it up….

Update: when an earthquake happens and you can’t find anything on the local USGS maps you start nervously looking at maps outside of the local area, because that means there was a big quake somewhere else. Sure enough: a 5.9 and a 5.0 immediately following it in Parkfield, which is east of Paso Robles on the coast a few hours south of here. Looks like they’re swarming with aftershocks now. Yikes, hope everyone is OK down there.

Update 2: Holy cow, they just keep coming. Eighteen earthquake sin the last fifteen minutes, nine greater than 3.0.

Update 3: WOW. Parkfield has been the center of seismic prediction research for ages now. The USGS had heavily instrumented the area hoping to catch the next earthquake there. Looks like they got it.