too many words by laura lemay

when the celaphopods rise up, run

Over at the Seattle aquarium, employees had to move their two giant pacific octopus into a big holding tank with some sharks for a while. They figured the octopus would be safe from the sharks because there were plenty of places to hide and they could turn color to blend in with their surroundings.

They were wrong. But not about the safety of the octopus from the sharks.

Over the next week there was mayhem in the tank: the sharks started turning up dead and mutilated at the bottom of the tank. Four over the course of a week. They couldn’t figure out what was going on. So one of the aquarium employees stayed late with a video camera.

This intense footage of the octopus stalking and attacking a shark{.broken_link} was shown on PBS’ Nature. No one had any idea whatsoever that pacific octopus were this mean. Warning: requires the hated Real player. (its worth it)

(I got it from Collision Detection.)