too many words by laura lemay

what I’ve been up to, again

Seems like a lot of my blogging recently has been extended silences followed by me apologizing for my extended silences and explaining what I’ve been doing instead. So, here I am again doing just that. I’ve been working a lot. But I just finished up that little mini-contract so now I can get back to what’s really important, eg, reading, sleeping in, and yes, blogging.

Yesterday I was busy doing what is only right for thanksgiving, which is of course: eating and drinking until I wanted to die. I went to a potluck with a bunch of friends, and there was much feasting of turkey and stuffing and risotto and potatoes and yams and green beans and wine and wine and more wine. I brought an apple and pumpkin pie for dessert, and there was much rejoicing. I have no leftovers. I am good at pie. It is comforting to know that if this tech writing thing doesn’t work out, I can always sell pie.

I have a whole pile of links and half-written posts I need to catch up on here, so brace yourselves for an onslaught of stuff in the next few days.