what is that? I must have it

ottoman/mushroom/object d'art/uhhhh

TJ Maxx sells extras and leftovers and overstocks; its the pre-internet overstock.com. Most of the time all you’ll find there is crap but occasionally there’s something interesting to find, especially in housewares. I’ve found calphalon and all-clad pots there at 2/3rds off, and 400-thread count sheets dirt cheap.

But then there’s stuff at TJ Maxx where you kind of understand why it was an overstock or a leftover. Like this, um, chair? ottoman? stool? mushroom? thing. Its about a foot high. Its upholstered in turquoise polka dot satin. The fluffy stuff on the sides is feathers. And it has feet. Glittery feet. This wasn’t the only one; it had a matching partner, in pink.

When I first spotted this thing in TJ Maxx in December it made me stand agape in the aisle and laugh out loud with the incredible ridiculousness of it. I pulled out my cameraphone and took pictures of it with the sole purpose of ridiculing it in a blog post as I am right now.

And yet over the months as I have stumbled across the picture on my phone I have thought about the ottoman/stool/mushroom and have strangely longed for it. Like the giant leopard-print divan I loved ages ago but I never bought because it was just WAY TOO and I thought was too grown up for such brothel-like furniture, the blue spotted emu ottoman keeps haunting me with its outrageousness.

I think I have to go back and get it.

Update: Rene in the comments informs me that the mystery thing is a tuffet (as in along came a spider). Now that I know what it is I am seeing them all over the darn place. I saw a leopard print one just yesterday!

2 thoughts on “what is that? I must have it

  1. I believe it is formally called a “tuffet” as in “little Miss Muffet sat on a …”

    There are several artists (certainly here in the midwest) who specialize in creating these which best seem used as small footstools. (I’m so glad to finally be of some arcane use to the queen of arcana.)

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