too many words by laura lemay

Well that was no fun at all

I worked on styling the blog this weekend. And I’d just like to say ARRGGHHH BLEAHH PPPPTHHHTTT

First, I attempted to bring in the design from my home page without breaking everything in the blog. Then, I attempted to reconcile all the styles in the blog with the ones I used on my main web site. Because MT stores everything in mySQL in template form this wasn’t as easy as just mucking with it offline until it works and then publishing it. The templates are divorced from thier final locations and thus the style sheets don’t link up –plus, nothing looks the way it should because the template is, well, a template and full of placeholders and no real content. Its a beast to work with. I ended up running a lot of experiments on test pages and then carefully adding them back to the templates. At the very end I published the end result…and it didn’t work! None of it worked! I hope you didn’t visit my blog this morning when it was all sucking, but if you did, please know that while you were looking at my utterly messed up design I was sitting in front of my computer having an absolute fit.

The answer, it turned out, was just a missing semicolon at the end of an @import in the style sheet. Which I would NEVER have discovered if Eric hadn’t come over after I had torn most of my hair out and said “do you know you’re missing a semicolon at the end of that line?”

argggghhhh (whimper).

So now I have half a design, I still need to add links on the sidebar and some images, the styles don’t work for the archive pages but at least its a start.