welcome to the new blog

Well that wasn’t too awful. There were some crufty template configuration issues that required editing in about 60 individual web forms by hand (arrrggghhhh) but that was the only big surprise in migrating things over from my development site. I’m feeling kind of pleased (it’ll obviously all collapse after I go to bed.)

Obsessively detailed design and upgrade notes to come.

5 thoughts on “welcome to the new blog

  1. Looks nice!

    I tried to sign in with typekey and received “The site you’re trying to comment on has not signed up for this feature. Please inform the site owner.” from the typekey site. I think this has to do with the mt-site.js file getting hosed, or the key in the js file doesn’t match the key on file for the site at typekey.

    The “MT Powered” graphic doesn’t link anywhere (in case it’s supposed to).

  2. Nice. Clean. I’m still struggling with my change from Blogger to my own domain using WordPress. Probably should have brushed up on my, uh, everything having to do with web design, but oh well.

  3. Thanks, everyone!

    I actually ran into the typekey thing while testing, and after a few hours of poking around trying to figure out the error discovered that I needed to add all my domains to my typekey profile so the key would be recognized. Unortunately when I fixed it last time I forgot to actually add http://www.lauralemay.com. Derrr.

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