too many words by laura lemay

weekend update

I’ve been quiet over the last few days so I thought I’d post a quick summary of what I’ve been up to (I know you’ve all been anxiously wondering).

Over this last holiday weekend I had a busy schedule that involved sleeping in, eating a big breakfast, taking a long nap, going out into the yard and taking another nap, having lunch, reading a magazine on the couch and falling asleep, and then lying around and watching TV for a while before having dinner and going to bed. Repeat. I did not eat any BBQ, go to any parades, watch any fireworks or oppress any overseas nations, and yes I am ashamed that I did not celebrate July 4th with true American gusto. Maybe next year I will plan some oppression ahead of time.

Also this weekend the Tour De France started, which means my life for the next three weeks will involve watching skinny men in tight clothes pedal bicycles really fast through beautiful French countryside on TV for five hours a day. Note: not complaining. I just have to be able to stay awake for the whole thing, which is turning out so far to be kind of a challenge. Unlike most Americans, I am not on the Lance Armstrong bandwagon. OK, 6 tour wins would be cool, but I’d really like to see someone else win for a change. I like Tyler “Fucking” Hamilton{.broken_link}. Mostly I would like to see what Tyler “Fucking” Hamilton is capable of when he is not riding with broken bones.

My favourite site for Tour coverage is TDFblog which collects coverage from a bunch of other sites. The official web site is of course and the english-language version is sponsored by OLN which is producing the TV coverage (and this year it doesn’t actually suck).

I also watched 28 Days Later, which is definitely in my top ten apocalyptic zombie patient X movies list.