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very, very well documented

And while I’m on the subject of documentation, here’s a great story from the former The Daily, now known (sadly) as, called Very, Very Well Documented.

George’s contact at the Air Force was a gruff, old general with a vast knowledge of aerial warfare and forty years experience in the service. Naturally, he was very skeptical of the new guys’ ability to develop a ‘military grade’ product.’ After all, they hadn’t spent a single day in uniform. But George’s team quickly won him with a demonstration: one month after being awarded the contract, they had fully replicated the prototype plane’s specifications in their software. [..]

‘Gentlemen,’ the general started during one of their wrap-up meetings, ‘you have done very well. I am very impressed. There is, however, one problem. You did not provide nearly enough documentation.’ […]

‘You see gentlemen,’ the general continued, ‘for such expensive program, we require at least eight meters of documentation.’ He stretched his arms as far as he could to illustrate. Clearly, he was not joking.

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(I got it from The Daily WTF.)