7 thoughts on “usenet on AOL

  1. I haven’t read usenet in years and years, although occasionally I go back and read it for a bit and remember why it was I left in the first place.

    But still, this just feels like such a Large Event. Wow. Usenet really is dead.

  2. Gee, does this mean that psu.edu can reclaim its status as home of the most clueless newbies on Usenet? Go Lions!

    (I stopped reading years ago too, but it still has some sentimental value for me; I met my wife on Usenet….)

  3. Wow. What a great phrase. “The September That Never Ended”.

    I miss old Usenet. I gave up on my last newsgroup, austin.food, a couple of years ago.
    For a while I thought Orkut would rekindle that spark, but alas, September flew up from Rio and pooped on it.

    Even the binaries groups aren’t so useful any more in the era of P2P (ahem).

  4. Usenet is now used only by IT professionals.

    Users prefer colorful web forums.

    Hey, is there anybody used FidoNet ?
    (for who did not, it was packet modem based network,
    with packet transport like uucp).

    Most old users of Fido now in Usenet.

    BTW I still have fido address (2:463/68.7208) but using IP transport for it 😉

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