too much, too late, oh well

I really hadn’t intended to make a big thoughtful post about the Kathy Sierra dustup and attendant blogger angst and then vanish. I actually did write an enormous boatload of stuff, off and on, between then and now, but it seemed like every time I got close to finishing anything I had real work to do at work, or the weather would get really nice and suddenly I realized that I had tomatoes that needed to be planted and a hammock that needed to be set up in the sun, or there would be some new big blogger dustup that required all kinds of NEW comments that needed to be written, thus rendering my old comments stale.

Now I have all these posts that out of date and completely pointless. Harassment on the Internet? The value of anonymity? Blogger code of conduct? That’s so two weeks ago! And I’ve been sitting here feeling incredibly guilty because I’ve got all this unfinished commentary and nothing to do with it. I am drowning in unfinished commentary. All this poor lonely writing. Where will it go? What will it do?

So: I am declaring an amnesty. Perhaps I will post all this stuff sometime but perhaps not. But for now expect more normal posts about cats and wildlife and books and bad jokes. I can’t take the guilt.

(as a side note I really do envy blog writers who are able to produce such long and intelligent posts so quickly after news comes out. I am apparently just a really slow thinker and writer, and too easily distracted by the outdoors when its nice out. curse it.)

One thought on “too much, too late, oh well

  1. Ah, I share that envy. I have found that the only thing that works is to move with my own rhythm, largely disregarding the waves that other people are making. If you can’t write long and coherent reflections on current events, throw out your short half-baked thoughts instead, as long as they’re relevant – some people will enjoy that as well. Or just skip commenting on the event in question.

    Concentrate on the stuff you are actually doing (or thinking about), and publish when it is ready for that. If you can’t comment on current events, then make them instead. Not much of what you do will achieve that sort of significance, of course, but some of the time and/or to some extent, it will.

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