too many words by laura lemay

tired and unfunny

I have, actually, been writing a bunch of stuff.

But none of it is fit for posting. Its all long and rambly and boring and the kind of daily blather no one wants to read (“today I raked the lawn.”) Worst of all, it is unfunny.

I’ve just been really tired lately, especially in the evenings when I have actual time for blogging. Evenings seem to be the time I sit around and catch up on brainless TV watching. Weekends are for catching up on the stuff I didn’t do around the house when I was watching brainless TV instead. In between chores and TV I write some, but then I go back the next day and read what I’ve written and have the “this really sucks” moment. I’ve been having a lot of those lately.

Is the new job sapping all my energy? Is it the time change? Am I not taking my vitamins? Am I eating too many carbs? Do I need more coffee? Do I need less coffee? I’m not altogether sure.

I’ll figure it out. I hope.