too many words by laura lemay

there's that post again

A couple of years ago I was ego surfing on google and I stumbled across this Goth FAQ{.broken_link} on the web. And I thought: huh. (see #4.)

I assume it originally appeared on Usenet. It has that hallmark. I have no idea who wrote it or when it was originally posted. The claim that I’m telling people how to be goth comes from a “how to be goth” page I wrote and actually took down off the web in…1997? The page was a joke. It was funny (OK, not that funny). I took it down because, as the sledgehammer goth FAQ abundantly indicates, goths have no sense of humor. (and I’ll probably get still more angry teenage hate mail from that comment right there.)

The sledgehammer thing reappears over and over again, reposted on blogs and on various Goth-related sites. I run across it once in a while (the above link appeared on MSN Spaces yesterday). And every time I marvel at it: this person was so very pissed off at me that they had to enshrine insults to me in an FAQ.

Wow. Now that’s fame. A gazillion books sold? Feh! Nothing! I’ve been insulted in a how to be goth FAQ.

And I have to wonder: is there even a single net.goth out there these days who doesn’t think: Who the hell is Laura Lemay?