too many words by laura lemay

t-mobile dynamic coverage map

T-mobile’s web site has a page where you can enter in your address and it’ll show you a colored map indicating how good T-mobile’s cell phone coverage is in your area. It zooms in pretty far so this is probably better than those strange regional amoebas you get from most call carriers.

Except. According to the map I should be getting no T-mobile coverage whatsoever at my house. According to the map I should have to drive all the way into town in order to get even a “fair” signal. And I’m sitting here on the couch looking at four bars on my Nokia.

I guess T-mobile doesn’t have anyone like that annoying Verizon guy actually driving around to check the actual signal. Although sending Catherine Zeta-Jones around would probably do wonders for subscribership.

(I got it from Gizmodo.)