3 thoughts on “sun rises in east

  1. “Well, duh!”

    I for one am very happy that UK law now expressly forbids driving and using a cell phone. (It used to be implied; a driver was required to have both hands free for controlling the vehicle at all times, but that was simply too much a grey area for the courts upon conviction time).

    I only wish the law included headsets etc, it doesn’t. If we’re honest with ourselves we would admit that even with a handsfree device, our concentration is severely lacking.

    Sounds like I step in the right direction to me. 🙂

  2. The interesting thing that the study says is not that cell-phones distract (duh indeed), but that using a hands-free installation is just as bad. In most countries, using hands-free phones in the car is explicitly allowed while using the phone on your ear is not.

    In Norway, text messaging is apparently legal while calling with the phone to your ear is not. Silly people.

  3. The findings of the survey don’t stop at hands-free cellphones. If someone was going to seriously accept the premise that our brains don’t see properly when we’re listening to voices, then you would also have to ban car radios and then we will have to analyze the dangers of front-seat passengers who might engage us in conversation themselves.

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