squished TdF fan

The spectators in the Tour de France really scare me. They stand so close to the riders, screaming and waving things, or running alongside and screaming and waving things. Half the time I’m convinced the riders are going to get taken down or someone’s going to get seriously hurt. There are some stages where I have to watch with my hands over my face, peeking between my fingers and going “aiiiee!”, because the spectators are just so close and so nutty. This is part of the tradition and charm (!) of the TdF, but its IMHO its nuts.

I’ve often wondered why it is more spectators don’t get hurt. There are cars and motorcycles coming along the route all the time. The answer is: spectators get hurt all the time, you just don’t hear about it. The number one injury in the TdF is broken toes.

And then there’s this guy who got in the way in yesterday’s stage. Ooops.

3 thoughts on “squished TdF fan

  1. Back when I was a bike racer, I got a kick out of the spectators at big races. I rode in the Cat 1/2 race, which was always the main event, so we had the most people watching. People would sit on the curb with their feet in the street. I liked to see how close I could come their toes when I was on the edge of the pack. The thought of riding in a thundering pack of 200 riders now seems terrifying, but at the time, I thought it needed livening up by running over some toes.

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