too many words by laura lemay

spam (not that kind)

So apparently there’s going to be a broadway musical based on Monty Python’s the Holy Grail. No, really. For reasons unknown to me, the musical is called “Spamalot{.broken_link}.” OK, so I am really not that much of a Monty Python fan, but even I know that Spam didn’t have anything to do with the Holy Grail. The famous sketch was from the show, not the movie.

But besides that, and the uncomfortable realization that yes, really, they’ve made a broadway musical out of the Holy Grail, there is also a product tie-in: Spam. No, really. Hormel Foods has introduced the Collector’s Edition SPAM(TM) Golden HONEY Grail{.broken_link} Now Available in Honor of Monty Python’s SPAMALOT.

And I quote: “SPAM(R) is the holy grail of canned meats,” says Eric Idle. “We’re thrilled to dine on SPAM(TM) golden honey grail at the round table of SPAMALOT.”

(I got it from Worthwhile{.broken_link}.)