too many words by laura lemay


Yesterday we were having DNS problems so I was forced to actually go outside. The big accomplishment of the day: wiring in a new motor for the hot tub. I had refilled the hot tub with 950 gallons of water last October, put in the usual amount of heinous chemicals, turned it on, and the motor went “urk.” And of course you can’t actually do anything with the hot tub motor unless you drain the hot tub, so there went 950 gallons of chemically-laden water right back out again.

This is a twelve year old hot tub, we have horribly caustic water even before you put heinous hot tub chemicals into it, and the motor had just plain given up. Now I could have done the sensible thing and called someone locally to come up the house and fix it, but I have this aversion to the telephone and a sick DIY impulse I can’t seem to shake (yes, I know, lots more therapy is called for). So I instead googled and discovered that I could get all kinds of hot tub parts up to and including a new motor, from sites like Spa Cool! I could fix the hot tub myself.

Those of you who have been with me for a while will probably immediately grasp this, but all you new folk should know that I have kind of a kind of a tempestuous relationship with plumbing. So it should come as no surprise that the hot tub did not get fixed over the winter, no, not when having a hot tub would have been really nice. I put off fixing the hot tub until last week, when I finally got around to removing the old motor, taking the necessary measurements and ordering a new one. It wasn’t until yesterday I finally I put in the motor, wired it up, refilled the hot tub with yet another 950 gallons of water, and yay! now it works. Now that its 95 degrees in the shade, I can finally soak in 105 degree water.

While I was tinkering with the motor this guy wandered out from the plumbing. I hope there aren’t any more like him in there.