too many words by laura lemay

series 60 worm

I just bought a Nokia 6600 phone, a nifty new smartphone with all the bells and whistles (camera, bluetooth, etc, etc). Its a series 60 phone based on the Symbian OS, and when I have time I’ll go off and explore all the developer options for Symbian (right now I’m just trying to figure out how to do basic stuff like send email from it). It also has J2ME which was of course a selling point for me, because I love useless technology. 🙂

But of course as soon as I buy it here comes an announcement that the darn thing gets bluetooth worms. “EPOC.Cabir is a new worm that replicates on Nokia Series 60 phones. It drains the users battery by scanning for Bluetooth devices and sending itself to any nearby Bluetooth devices.” Great. Terrific.

I guess modern technology means you can’t just ever use anything: you’ll always be patching the software and checking for viruses and rebooting when stuff crashes. sigh.

(I got it from Lockergnome Bytes{.broken_link})