too many words by laura lemay

robot turtles!

It should come as no big surprise to any of you that I am a huge tomboy. Always have been. In first grade my mom used to dress me in frilly dresses and tights and patent leather shoes. Which I would promptly shred climbing the trees in the playground during recess. A defining moment in my early childhood: my mother declaring in disgust that if I destroyed one more dress she was going to be forced to buy me (insert dolorous music) DUNGAREES. The horror.
In second grade I traded clothes at school with my best friend Jeffrey Price, something that seemed perfectly reasonable at the time (we were the SAME SIZE!) but that caused a huge scandal that swept through throughout the second grade parental community and that took years to die down.

But I haven’t even started this post and already I have digressed madly. My point is that despite my dungaree-wearing tree-climbing cross-dressing tomboy habits, there are some things that trigger the girlie instinct in me and make me shriek in delight like a six year old. Sanrio stuff (hello kitty, etc) does it a lot. And these things: pastel colored robot turtles from japan{.broken_link}.


(I got it from Gizmodo.)