red bull: not actually bad for you

…it only tastes like it.

Retrospectacle neuroscience blog analyzes the contents of red bull and their effects on the brain and concludes that:

Red Bull’s “wings” seem to be a largely benign mixture of the stimulants caffiene and sugar (although no more than regular soda or coffee), as well as surprisingly encouraging (if not 100% substantiated) effects from taurine. While it seems doubtful that it truly enhances mental ability or stamina any more than soda or coffee might, the truly intriguing benefits (reduced obesity and hyertension) of taurine supplementation aren’t even part of Red Bull’s advertising schema.

While I was finding the permalink for this red bull post, I also stumbled across Shelley’s discussion on eating contests, specifically the world record breaking hot dog eating contest that happened over this last holiday weekend. In this post I learned the special facts that “Competitive eaters are not allowed to vomit during the competition, at least if the vomit leaves the mouth” (uhhhh…right, ew) and that the world record for mayonnaise eating is 4 32-ounce bowls in 8 minutes.

4 thoughts on “red bull: not actually bad for you

  1. While I was home last month, my 88-year-old dad told me he drinks Red Bull. He likes it when he’d driving on long trips — keeps him awake and alert. Who knew?

  2. ohkay.. i’m pretty young..
    and im like completely addicted to Red Bull,
    cause i for some reason like the way my heart beats,
    keeps me on the edge.. you know?

    but theres ALWAYS stages i have..
    first i’ll be happy… and like very very jumpy. i’ll be the new meaning of hyper:)
    then, i’ll just get completely wiped out.
    like…. almost how you feel when you begin a fever..

    when i get on a roll, i’ll probably drink about two or three.
    the most at 4..5.

    my mom doesn’t want me drinking them…..
    my dad doesn’t mind at all.
    so its always when i visit my dad.

    but i just wanted to make a statement….
    i think it can definitely affect you, if you have too much.
    but thats also true with eveything, right?

    i end my case.

  3. I drink redbull daily and it works wonders for me.

    I am hyper-active, so to speak, and it calms me down, give me focus.

    I also find that it helps balance my emotions and does wonders for me physically, mentally… overall.

    When going through a divorce… I credit redbull for saving me from depression… I seriously believe that it is excellent for people who are trying to balance out stress.

    I work twelve hour night shifts and it is excellent way from keeping the long hard hours from dragging me down. I notice that I deal a lot better with the stress of long hard hours than most. I also notice a difference when I don’t drink it… for some reason I tend to slip into a negative frame of mind… so for me it is like taking my medicine (laugh).

    I am sure it doesn’t work for everyone this way, it depends on your brain chemistry… but I would recommend it to anyone who is transitioning in life, stressed out, depressed… or just in a negative state of mind.

    I feel like myself, the real me when I drink it in potentially stressful situation.

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