too many words by laura lemay

really simple online games

Flash-based online games are cool. I have zero eye-hand coordination (putting the milk successfully back into the refrigerator is kind of a challenge) so I’m not so good at the running-jumping-swinging-from-ropes kill-the-monsters-with-big-guns games. I like slower-paced stuff that requires more strategy and thought. Fortunately there are a bunch of these online, mostly small and often free. Yay internets!

Two I recently spent far too much time with:


In Gateway you move the robot to one side of the room to the other. You’ll need to pick up objects and solve simple puzzles along the way. Simple but well done.


Unfolding{.broken_link}: move the nodes so that none of the lines intersect. Addictive.

If you know more games these please post in the comments because I have a bunch of free time and I am in danger of filling it up with actual meaningful activities.

(I got both of these from Digg.)