too many words by laura lemay

really dubious drink ideas

Bottled Pickle Juice.

Dill pickle juice. No pickles, just the juice. Bottled. 16 oz containers.


The Golden Pickle Juice web site claims that pickle juice makes a good sports drink (buh?) or as a mixer for cocktails (euh?). Their Drink of The Month: Golden Jager Blaster. Half and Half Pickle Juice and Red Bull. With a shot of Jagermeister.


And it is claimed repeatedly on the web site that Pickle Juice is not made by a troop of elves squeezing the souls out of pickles.

No Really. That’s what it says. Go look.

I got the link from Slashfood{.broken_link} which refers to a BevNet post where Pickle Juice is described as smelling “like a bio lab during dissections.” I had this vivid mental image of big tubs of pickles bent in horrible shapes and you have to pin them down on the wax tray to get them to lie flat. I may never eat pickles again.

(I got it from Slashfood{.broken_link}.)