quick update

Finished up my minijob last week and it was kind of hectic at the end there. Then this last weekend was the Solvang century down in southern CA — the first big bike ride of the year (I did the half-century, 50 miles, it was excellent). And now when I have plenty of time and I should be blogging like mad? Well, its nice out. I have really important lying around in the sun to get done. I’m sure you understand.

2 thoughts on “quick update

  1. Did you get any pictures from the ride? I’ve heard that it’s a nice one. A couple of the guys I ride with on the weekends were supposed to be doing it too.

  2. No pictures, alas. I tend to focus too hard on actually riding to stop for picture-taking, and I’m way too wobbly to be able to take pics on the bike.

    Its a beautiful ride, although this year it was foggy and kind of cold at the start. I was lured into a sense of complacency and forgot to put on sunscreen. Learned that lesson early in the year this time, ow.

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