popularity contest

new sign over the genre fiction

I was in my local Borders Books this morning, and perhaps this sign has been there the whole time and I just didn’t notice, or perhaps its a new sign, but none the less, there is a “Popular Fiction” sign over the SF, mystery, and romance sections now.

I went around the corner:

I guess this is the unpopular fiction

This must be the unpopular fiction section.

2 thoughts on “popularity contest

  1. Yes, you see these signs pretty much in all chain bookstores these days. The literature section seems to be yesteryear’s pop fiction.

  2. I recall some years ago when I noticed Green Apple Books had set up a sizable section labeled “Woman’s Literature” where all fiction authored by women was rigorously placed. Meanwhile, the remaining section was still labeled “Literature”, even though only male authors remained in that section. Perhaps not the impression they intended to make by that change.

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