too many words by laura lemay


I was in South Park on monday (the neighborhood in SF, not the cartoon), on my way to my hairdresser’s. And a nice young well dressed couple were walking along the sidewalk toward me. Her: pale, blonde, impeccably dressed, really nice shoes. Him: black, stunningly handsome. Young urban lawyers or marketing or bizdev, moving up in the world. As they passed, I overheard her state emphatically:

“No, no, its not true, I get laid there all the time.”

Did I turn around and follow them to find out what that conversation was all about? No I did not. Its been bugging me ever since. All the time? *all* the time? Where is this? What’s not true? Arrrgghhh!

Dammit, it really is true that marketing is just one big drunken sex party and only the beautiful people are invited, isn’t it.