too many words by laura lemay

one of those days you need a pot of coffee to make a pot of coffee

I put water in the water filter. I got the beans out of the freezer. I washed out the coffee pot. I put the old coffee grinds in the compost bin. I washed out the coffee filter holder. I got a new coffee filter out of the drawer. I put the filter into the filter holder and the filter holder into the pot. I put the beans into the coffee grinder and ground the beans. I measured the water into the pot and put the water into the coffee maker. I closed up the coffee maker and put the coffee pot in place. I pressed “on.” I went to read my mail.

I came back 5 minutes later and my coffee looks awfully light. In fact it looks like I made myself a pot of hot water. What the…?

No coffee in the coffee maker. Nice fresh ground beans in the grinder, hot wet filter in the pot.