Yeah, I know this made the rounds a few weeks ago. I’m catching up.

From Reuters: Octopus ‘Walks’ on Two Arms, Researchers Find. Two species of Indian Ocean octopus can tuck up six of their arms while running on the other two, U.S. researchers reported on Thursday.

Once a bunch of years ago while I was scuba diving in the Coral Sea I saw an octopus, menaced by a fish of some sort, roll up one of its tentacles into a ball and then haul off and punch the fish (“I said, GO AWAY”). No, really, I saw it.

I swear, if octopodes were land animals we would be in deep deep trouble.

3 thoughts on “octolocomotion

  1. I thought this was some clever graphics slight-of-hand in the vain of “April 1” – I still have a modicum of doubt.

  2. The only time I saw an octopus in the wild was on holiday at The Entrance (NSW North Coast, Australia). My mate and I split a pair of flippers and we, uh, left… quickly.

    We would’ve been about 12, but I swear that octopus was after us (playing hours-upon-hours of Alex Kid in Miracle World probably didn’t help, either).

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