too many words by laura lemay

na*mo: launching day, now with headache and nausea

It is November 1, and thus marks the annual outpouring of hopeful creativity on the internets.

November is, of course, the National Novel Writer’s Month, aka NaNoWriMo, now in its seventh year, where one attempts to write 50,000 words in a month. It is joined this year by the (to me, seemingly) much easier NaBloPoMo{.broken_link}, where one attempts to blog at least once a day for the entire month.

I’ve posted about my NaNoWriMo failures in the past, so I am going to decline to comment about whether I am doing a novel this month or not. Don’t ask me. I won’t tell you. (gazing elsewhere).

NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month, is kind of a dumb name (OK, its no dumber than NaNoWriMo I suppose), and that shouldn’t be so hard. Its not like one has to come up with incisive analysis in 1000 words every single day. Just one post.

For the sake of completeness a quick googling shows that there is also:

  • NaNoFiMo: National Novel Finishing Month. Yeah. The finishing, that’s the trick.
  • NaNoWriYe{.broken_link}: National Novel Writing Year. For those with deadline issues.
  • NaNoEdMo: National Novel Editing Month. Most boring month ever, March is a good choice.
  • NanoMangO: National Fruit Eating Month. I kid. One of a number of short-term comics-drawing events. (see also Scott McCloud’s 24 hour comic book).
  • NaDruWriNi: National Drunk Writing Night. Why make it an annual event? Every night can be national drunk writing night!

I was feeling all creative yesterday about the start of November, all set to start with a whole month of blogging and perhaps-novelling-or-perhaps-not-no-comment, and then last night I got some sort of food poisoning. (before you make the obvious assumption, no I did NOT eat all the halloween candy. we didn’t have any halloween candy. it’s a quarter mile up an unlit road to my house. the only trick or treaters we get are meth lab operators and serial killers). I don’t know what it was precisely I ate, but still: ugh.

So anyhow, yesterday I was abrim with creative juices, but during the night I threw all of them up. This morning I am here on the couch watching teh netflix and being a warm support for cats and feeling decidedly uncreative indeed. wah.