more actual fiction occurs

(update: arrrgghhh, never write a blog post in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep. I have fixed the name of the story and the link so it should work now.)

I’ve posted a new story over on the main site, called Bas Floyd 166ae0. This is another extreme geek story with a soft of Lovecraft influence. I wrote this story earlier this year and tried half-heartedly to get it published, which didn’t work, and then I lost patience. Either I write too geeky or I’m a crappy writer and I don’t realize it, but anyhow, there it is.

I know I’ve essentially abandoned this blog, and I’m sorry. (guilty expression.) I’m at that stage where I decide it’s time for an entire web site overhaul, both design and infrastructure, because surely that will help.

I am also almost done with the neverending chicken coop.

One thought on “more actual fiction occurs

  1. I like this story, thanks for telling it. 🙂
    Reminds me of this poem:

    The computer center is empty,
    Silent except for the whine of the cooling fans.
    I walk the rows of CPUs,
    My skin prickling with magnetic flux.
    I open a door, cold and hard,
    And watch the lights dancing on the panels.
    A machine without soul, men call it,
    But its soul is the sweat of my comrades,
    Within it lie the years of our lives,
    Disappointment, friendship, sadness, joy,
    The algorithmic exultations,
    The long nights filled with thankless toil,
    I hear the echoes of sighs and laughter,
    And in the darkened offices
    The terminals shine like stars.

    — Geoffrey James, The Zen of Programming

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