I had a bad day at work yesterday, a day in which I sat in my cubicle under a dark storm cloud and made no forward progress on any project at all. After eight hours stewing in hate I drove home in bad traffic and went to bed, completely exhausted.

I dreamed I was at work, and it was a really bad day, but an entirely different bad day from the one I had already actually had. In my dream I went out to have a nice long run, which usually helps to cheer me up. And in my dream the run just utterly sucked because I was still so angry from having such a bad day at work. I woke up completely exhausted.

So I got up and had breakfast and went into town for a real run. When I got there I discovered that I had brought two left running shoes. I went running in my street shoes instead, which felt kind of like running on rocks with my hamstrings tightened up to 11. I lasted a little over three miles before the sparks of pain in my hips forced me to stop, and some kind of bug stung me on the neck. I walked back to the gym in a dark storm cloud and drove home again.

Now I’m here working at home and I’m having a really bad day, making no forward progress on any project at all. I feel completely exhausted.

I would take a nap but I’m afraid I would dream about writing a blog post about having a bad day and then dream about having a bad day and going for a run and then dream about going for a run and writing about it.

What day is it anyway?

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  1. Is this a post to your future self? The next time you think you’re having a bad day you can look back and say “it wasn’t that bad.” Or better yet, “at least it was inspiring!”

    “One of the few good things about modern times: If you die horribly on television, you will not have died in vain. You will have entertained us.” – Kurt Vonnegut

  2. That kind of day is usually called “monday”. Your calender is one day late (low battery, maybe?)

  3. Hello,
    IMHO, Forget all the works for at least two days. Then get back to work with double enthusiasm. Personally I do it. I feel those people who love work will get deeply thirty after full days’ absence of work. And that will encourage him/her to work in a better way after those two days.
    I am new to this blog. I’ll try to follow this blog from now if possible.
    But where is ‘subscribe follow up comments” option here?
    I can’t find it!
    Anyway, Thank you

  4. hey laura, sorry to be a bit behind myself.I just stumble on your teach yourself java in 21 days and I just feel like making a contact with the co writter of such a fantastic book.Though, still in day 1 I hope and believe the book will form a solid foundation for my programming life.
    Dr Daso O S

  5. Dear Laura

    If it’s any consolation, whatever sort of day you had, you’re a fabulous writer. The above link to my website could not exist, because the website would not exist, if you had not taught me HTML and CSS, via one of your wonderful books for the SAMS Publishing Group.

    It’s true I have ever so slightly messed up the Home Page display, which works fine on my Windows 7 PC, but looks a mess on other people’s. However, that is not because of any flaw in your book. It is because I am very lazy and only ever learn as much as I need to learn, in order to accomplish whatever I want to achieve. I do want to achieve a perfect Home Page too, of course. However, it is not my number one priority right now.

    But I digress. I am really sorry you had such a bad day. I have seen your work and it is not merely good. It’s beautiful!

    As for those dreams. I get dreams like that all the time. I just remind myself, as soon as I regain consciousness, that it will be fine, just as soon as I’ve had a nice cup of coffee and reminded myself it was all just a dream.

    Warmest Regards

    Richard Gillard

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