mia again with a good excuse

Quiet on the blog again, and you’re thinking, hey Laura, did you go and do something stupid like get a JOB again?

Uh. Yeah.

I even did something extra stupid. I got a real job, an honest-to-god, wage-slave, boss-having, 401K earning job. A job job. I am an actual employee.

Have you passed out from shock yet? Well hang on, there’s more. Its at Yahoo.

I’ll wait for you all to recover from that.

For those of you tuning in late and wondering what the heck this is all about, I quit my job some eleven years ago to write books. When the books thing turned bad I went back to work doing contract tech writing. In this way I could maintain my slacker dilettante lone-wolf lifestyle, doing good work for cool companies (and sometimes stupid ones), and then most importantly getting the hell out before it turned weird and political. Work some, take some time off. Repeat. Good deal. Point being: I have not had a real job since 1994.

But this job is different, or so I have perhaps been deluded into believing. This job involves lots of cool stuff in web services for the brand new Yahoo! Developer Network. Web 2.0 stuff. Mashups. AJAX. RSS. You know, all that stuff the kids are all excited about these days. I’m the lead goombah writer, in a new group, and I get to learn all kinds of new things. I really, really like learning new things. So what the hell. Sign me up.

And besides, they have free espresso at Yahoo. I am doomed. So doomed.

This last week has been busy with settling into the new job, getting entirely lost on campus (what IS it with tech companies that they have to make every building and every floor look EXACTLY the same?), getting all the IT crap settled and trying to figure out the optimal commute times (as always, my commute SUCKS). Things should be less busy soon and I can post more.

For future reference, however, I’m not planning on doing a lot of Yahoo blogging here. For one thing, I signed this big scary form that says I can’t do that. For another, I’d much rather write about squid sex.

10 thoughts on “mia again with a good excuse

  1. Wow, great. Congrats! The stuff you mention working on sounds cool–I’ll be looking out for it.

    Your commute definately does SUCK, but I s’pose that’s what you get for living in such a beautiful location.

  2. Laura– Congrats on the new job. I am trying to pull off a return to FT work after being a contract technical writer except 1996 (except for employment respites with failed startups). Glad to hear it is indeed possible.

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