too many words by laura lemay

May Garden Overview

Compare this on-the-roof overhead pic to April’s. Things that happened this month:

  • I planted all the tomatoes (14 plants).
  • I planted all the peppers (24 plants).
  • I finished building the asparagus bed, and all the asparagus (18 plants) are planted.
  • I’ve planted a lot of kale, chard, lettuce, and basil.
  • I moved some poorly-placed snap peas to a better location.
  • Apparently I planted some dahlias, and forgot about them. They’ve come up in the bed where I was going to plant some green beans. OK! I’ll put the green beans somewhere else.
  • I started weeding and digging the beds on the right for cucumbers, squash, and melons.
  • I mowed a lot. Things I still have to do this month:

  • Finish digging and planting cucumbers, squash, and melons.
  • Plant more carrots, beets, lettuce. Plant green beans, cilantro, parsley, sunflowers.
  • Plant potatoes.
  • Finish dealing with the fence I moved at the right side of the garden. It’s only a matter of time before the rabbits discover there’s a big gap under the fence there.
  • Mow a lot.