Marvel 1602

Neil Gaiman’s Marvel 1602 is out in trade paperback (or at least Volume 1 is). This is Gaiman’s retelling of the marvel comics universe 400 years back.

I missed this series when it was out in comics because I have massive unresolved guilt about buying comics and never reading them (I still have huge stacks of unread comics from years and years back. So guilty. So so guilty). I haven’t even read it yet. Adding to wishlist.

2 thoughts on “Marvel 1602

  1. I’m not a huge Gaiman fan (I know, throw things at me, it’s okay) but what I am is extremely thrilled to see that you’ve added comments to your blog!

    I keep up and have often wanted to comment, and now I can. You did it just for me, didn’t you?

    Thanks Laura!


  2. I just got this thing. The art is simply yummy, but I have not had time to read it yet. It’s sitting next to my computer at home, teasing me, saying “no, stop working, go hide away and read me…”

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