too many words by laura lemay

lockdown, migration imminent

I’ve closed down comments on all the posts here in preparation for a big blog move. I’m migrating all my web sites over to WordPress, with a new simpler structure and an integrated redesign. I think I’ve planned everything out, and I’ve done most of the work on a testing site, but who knows how well it’ll actually work when I put it all in place. This old site you’re looking at is a really old movable type installation with a lot of hand-built customizations, most of which were really stupid in retrospect (my urge to tinker won out over basic common sense). The conversion has been a lot more painful as a result.

The biggest change for many of you will be a new feed URL. The old blog supported every variety of feed flavor; the new blog will have only one feed (RSS) and it’ll be at a different URL. (

I’ll redirect all the old feed URLs to the new feed but I don’t know how well that’ll work for feed readers. I’ll also put up a reminder post in the old feeds when the conversion goes through.

This is not like putting a lander on mars or anything, but my goal for all this brouhaha is to make it easier for me to actually, you know, write.