too many words by laura lemay is back up

We can get email at again so if you’ve been trying to reach me things should work again. I still have caches of my old email so you don’t have to resend me stuff unless it bounced over the last few days.

Since I lost everything on that machine I’ve decided not to put a web server back up on that site. Most of the content there was like eight years old anyhow and all the good stuff I moved over here a few months ago.

Still: feels like a passing of an era. I put that site up for my first book in 1995. Initially it ran the CERN httpd. I converted it to NCSA and then to apache as the technology matured. It was never a very high-volume server but it did suck up a lot of our already meager bandwidth. Moving most of the most popular files over to a real hosted server was a good thing, although I’ve always felt kind of itchy at the lack of control when I can’t edit my own conf files. But I’ll get over that.