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liveblogging thanksgiving

In case you’re bored or too stuffed to move off of the couch today, I’ve been taking pictures of cooking too much food for dinner today and posting them over on flickr, accompanied by the usual sardonic banter.

Flickr Set – Liveblogging Thanksgiving 2006

Update: I have requests for recipes.

The tart is adapted from this Golden Delicious Tart from epicurious (I used applesauce in the pastry cream, and granny smith apples instead of goldens). BTW although I didn’t think this tart came out all that well Eric has pronounced it Fabulous.

The bread is the famous New York Times No-Knead bread (I have a long post about this coming up).

The stuffed mushrooms I made up, but there’s goat cheese, garlic, and thyme in the stuffing, as well as the mushroom stems. Plus crunchy bread crumbs made from whole wheat croutons.

The spinach salad with tangerines, red onion and citrus dressing is from the Field of Greens cookbook and I can’t find it online. This is a great cookbook but the recipes are really involved. I should have rememebered this when I set out to section the damn tangerine half an hour before the food was ready.

Brussel sprouts are steamed until done and then doused with butter and sage.

The baked pasta with chicken sausage is from somewhere within the Martha Stewart empire (it is just as good with vegetarian faux sausage). I subscribe to both MSL and Everyday Food and enjoy both magazines but they actually spammed me with this recipe. I was initially indignant; spam! gawd! but then the recipe was so darn good that I forgave them. Spam is in the eye of the beholder. Unfortunately they have sent me no good recipes since.