too many words by laura lemay

linked list, 11/30/2010

I’ve been posting links to twitter, but I’m also going to repost and summarize them here once in a while. Current topics of interest are food, books and writing, the creative process, women in science and tech, and any good stories on any subject.

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Lemony Snicket’s NaNoWriMo pep talk{.broken_link}, for all the doom-filled joy.

Dave Eggers’s NaNoWriMo pep talk{.broken_link}, on procrastination, posted two days before the end of the event.

A heartbreaking interview with Laura Hillenbrand, the author of “Seabiscuit,” and just recently, “Unbroken.” She is an absolutely terrific writer. She also has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which makes her so ill it confines her to her house and limits her to only a handful of small activities per day.

The lost women scientists of Britian’s Royal Society. Despite being banned entry from the Society, women have been doing important science for hundreds of years and getting no credit for it at all.

GrowVeg Garden Planner. An online, Flash-based garden planner, primarily for vegetable gardens. I’ve been doing my garden planning in a spreadsheet and on paper for years and within a week this site was utterly indispensable to me. You can make it as simple or a obsessive-compulsive as you want it to be.

Manual Coffee How-to Videos from Barefoot Coffee. Barefoot is my local third-wave espresso cafe and coffee roaster. (They make a seriously mean cappuccino.) These videos for making coffee without a machine are wordless and beautifully filmed from the MakeSHIFT collective. Videos for French Press, Chemex, and Hario.

There’s a lot of strength in a loaf of bread{.broken_link}: An absolutely terrific video for a small Brooklyn bread bakery. Liza de Guia at Food, Curated does great video all the time but this one is especially wonderful. I can smell the bread in this video.