too many words by laura lemay

jan ullrich has a myspace

The Jan is rocking the house over on MySpace.{.broken_link} Well, ok, not really, but whoever this Jan impersonator is he needs some kind of hilarity medal. If you follow pro cycling AT ALL you need to be reading this guy’s blog. Der Kaiser Jan myspace blog has singlehandedly made me root for The Jan all season. (and from it we seem to have picked up the habit of calling him The Jan, too)

There was being much rain and wind and lightning when Jan did begin to pedal yesterday, but that was totally being the Jan’s fault. The Jan must be careful when pedaling, for when the Jan’s massive thighs begin to spin so close together, they are creating a low pressure system centered on the Jan’s “special place” that is often causing massive weather anomalies and atmospheric disturbances. It can be embarassing. There have been many cases where the Jan is being totally breaking it down on the dance floor, and then busts out with the Jan’s favorite move, the Roger Rabbit, and then whole villages are blown away into ash and smoke, and for nights afterward there are being many sightings of strange lights in the sky.