too many words by laura lemay

I’ve changed my mind

In the light of day and with a clearer head I’ve completely changed my mind about the whole extended post/excerpt thing. I was thinking about the actual web site and that I didn’t want to dump huge posts on the front page. But a couple people told me that wasn’t a big deal. Plus: if I put full text in the feeds then if I do an excerpt it only gets used in one place: on the index page of the blog. Its a lot of work for not a lot of point.

So I’ve put everything back the way it was, and I’ve re-edited flu news so that it works as a plain flat post. I apologize again for subjecting you all to my template experiments; I suppose I should set up a separate “internal” blog to do all this sort of messing around so I don’t screw up in “production.”

If you didn’t actually read flu news because I was mucking with it, now is your chance. I don’t intend to change it anymore.