too many words by laura lemay

ipod mini

I’ve had an ipod for almost two years now (1st gen, 5 gig). I love my ipod. I really, really, really love my ipod. For me it has been way more than just an expensive MP3 player, it has completely changed the way I listen to music. Long trips are bearable now. Going to the gym is bearable now. Horrible commutes — thanks to — are bearable now. I am insane for my ipod the same way I am insane for my TiVo. Insane. Will not shut up at parties. That insane.

I first heard the rumors of the mini ipods (“minipods”) a few weeks back. The rumor was that they would be 2gig and $100. I thought “holy @*#&@, they’ll sell a zillion.” I was so totally excited, not so much to buy one (I’ve been after a new 10 gigger, actually), but because an inexpensive ipod would take away the Big Price Argument that everyone always uses about ipods: “I want one, but I can’t afford $300.” There’s also often the usual Apple Dig from the PC crowd as well: “everything Apple makes is overpriced”, but I won’t go there (note: I own three macs). With $100 ipods, I figured we would be on the verge of a revolution.

So yesterday Apple announces the minipod, and it’s actually 4gig and its $250.

WTF? This is not a cheap small ipod. This is basically the same ipod I bought two years ago: they even moved the buttons back around the wheel where they make much more sense UI wise. OK, its in color. Its smaller, size-wise. But its really not the ipod for everyone else that was rumored.

Come on, apple, you can do better than that.