too many words by laura lemay

injury du jour

The other night I was dicing an onion for dinner (risotto with peas and zucchini). I have been very lax in my knife sharpening maintenance and the tip of my knife was not quite sharp enough. It slipped off the curved edge of the onion as I was dicing and neatly lopped off the tip of my middle finger.

OK it didn’t lop it all the way off, but it cut pretty deep. Fortunately just after my bike accident of a month or so back I went on an obsessive first aid supply shopping spree so I have more bandages and deep-knife-wound-patching tools than you could ever want. Unfortunately, I found that the best tool for this particular cut was simply a plain ordinary bandaid. Fortunately, thanks to an ill-advised purchase of a 1000 count box of bandaids at Costco more than ten years ago, I have plenty of plain ordinary bandaids.

It is a real pain to do much of anything that requires dexterity with a bandaid stuck on the end of your finger, though. Typing: messed up. Tying shoelaces: forget it. Please don’t come along and ask me to repair your watch or anything.