im in ur goth macro

Mr rapier found this little gem in the livejournal goth_macros community and kindly passed it on:


I shrieked with glee for ages over this — not so much because of the caption but because that’s a fifteen year old picture of me. gremlynna on livejournal dragged it up out of some web archive somewhere and pasted it up into an lolgoth.

This has made my WHOLE YEAR.

7 thoughts on “im in ur goth macro

  1. 15 years ago? That was when I remember seeing you on the Primitives mailing list as the “treekiller”. And that’s a pretty hot picture. I like it.

  2. Before reading the entry, me thought the picture looked a wee bit like somebody I’d worked with in the past. Then I read the verbiage. A ha! Thanks for the clarification. Such fun!

  3. OMG! It’s a writer of trifles in shadows and blood!

    Five bucks says you see it on one of the tester’s screens within in a week. “Dude look at this total hottie I found on lolgoth.”

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