too many words by laura lemay

i love this song

The Faders, “No Sleep Tonight{.broken_link}” [iTunes Music Store link]

Three or four times a year I discover some great new song and I have to listen to that song over and over again until I am so sick of it that I can’t stand it anymore. Its been that way since I was twelve; I am perpetually stuck in teenager listening mode. Woe betide you if you live in my household.

This is the current iteration of that song. Its a raucous punk-poppy little thing from a British teenage girl band. Very Donnas-like. I love it. Now that I have iTunes to keep track of my music obsessions I can let you all know that I have listened to this song 18 times in the last two days. Not sick of it yet.

I am told this song is in the iPod Nano ads, although I’ve only seen the one with the hands and this song isn’t it. Conveniently, I just bought an iPod nano (neat! new! toy!), so now I can put this song on it and listen to it everywhere I go.

BTW you link into the iTMS by control-clicking (or right-clicking) a song and choosing “Copy Music Store URL.” They use horrible weird web objects URLs that launch iTunes, but they work.