too many words by laura lemay

I am doomed

A couple months back they pulled the drug Vioxx off the market because oops, it causes heart attacks and strokes. This was kind of upsetting for me because when I get really really awful back pain, there’s pretty much nothing in the world that works was well as Vioxx (OK, I imagine that morphine would work pretty well, but I’d like to also be conscious. silly me).

But my doctor said no problem, here’s a prescription for this other fabulous drug called Bextra. And bextra works pretty darn well, too.

Yesterday the FDA and Pfizer announced that Bextra will now come with additional labelling to warn that it may cause…heart problems.


OK, they’re saying its only a problem if you’ve recently had heart surgery, but STILL. I have the fear. I will probably die soon. You can all have my comic books.