I am beset by incredibly creepy insects

Jerusalem Cricket
I was digging up the spinach bed in the garden the other day when this bug turned up and wiggled away. This horrible alien creature is a Jerusalem cricket. Its about three inches long: a small one. It darted off angrily when I uprooted it but I still managed to chase it long enough to get a couple good pictures (the other one is on flickr).

I’ve heard it said that the reason these critters are called Jerusalem crickets is because the first time people saw them they tended to shout “Holy Jerusalem!” This is not the expletive I used the first time I turned one up in my garden but I did have to run into the house and get Eric to come see it because DAMN that’s one ugly bug.

Despite the alien appearance they are harmless but they do eat your potatoes.

2 thoughts on “I am beset by incredibly creepy insects

  1. We have locusts here in the summer. 4″ or so, they congregate in the Ginger Lillies and generally freak my wife out. I took a few pictures of them, but couldn’t ever get something in there for scale, the little freaks wouldn’t stand still for it. Even got some shots of locust porn. A guy with a digital camera, a dangerous thing.

  2. Oh my god, this is so strange. I randomly ended up on your blog while trying to find something that was supposedly at http://www.lne.com. By total coincidence, about a day ago, someone sent me this link:

    “This site is dedicated to the fabrication and perpetuation of fear, hate and disgust for the Potato Bug. Please, won’t you join us?”

    (This friend and I had a few unpleasant encounters with said beast.)

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