hope for cycling in america

I went for a nice long bicycle ride this last July 4th, and there was this huge black jacked-up big-tire diesel pickup truck that passed me on one of the back roads. This is the sort of truck that has multiple yellow ribbon magnet stickers on it and a dog in the back. A Real Murrican Truck. Normally these are the sorts of trucks that try to run me off the road. It was probably on its way to a 4th BBQ with all the fixings: burgers, beer, belching.

But this one gave me a ton of room as it passed and the passenger leaned out the window and shouted “allez!” as they went past.

It was a miracle. I was stunned. It almost — almost — made up for the Toyota Prius that had tried to run me off the road a mile or so back.

3 thoughts on “hope for cycling in america

  1. … and on my commute this morning (15 miles through Palo Alto, Mountain View and Sunnyvale) not a single problem. Everyone was polite, obeyed traffic rules, etc.

  2. When I was in college, I used to ride all over Houston. It was a miserable place to ride. But there was a guy I knew there who was a racer and also a rancher. So he drove a gigantic pickup truck with dual rear wheels. He used to show up for races in this enormous truck with his bike in the back. It was a very funny visual, and he was a very nice guy.

  3. Well, that’s because it clearly wasn’t driven by an American. An American would have just run you off the road. Now, in Europe, where they actually know how to drive, they’ll give you room.

    Never try to ride a horse on the side of the road. They like to see how close they can come and not hit you. People love to scare the horse and watch him buck his rider into the ditch. It’s so funny, right? Like America’s Funniest Home Videos, right in front of you.

    Cutting close on a bike is just as bad as cutting close on a horse, except the bike doesn’t shy off to the side in terror and leave you laying on the road. Well, I guess it does, when you think about it.

    I’ve seen the hellish road you live on. I wouldn’t get anywhere near that road on a horse, even my stallion that isn’t afraid of cars.

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